4 iOS 7 Tricks You Might Have Missed

Got the latest iOS 7 update already? Great! You know all the features right? If not, then you are in for a treat. Let’s dig in and check out the most useful yet unknown features of iOS 7.

1. Text Size and Bold

Go to Settings>>> General>>> Accessibility>>> Larger Text

This is where you want to go when you want to adjust the size and font of your device. Although iOS 7 comes with a nice Helvetica Neue font, others have had issues with its readability. Well, now you know how to fix it… What are you waiting for?

Oh and by the way, you can of course choose to bold the text if you really need to. Lastly, don’t forget to reboot/restart your device after saving your settings.

2.  Oh Those Buttons

Remember how the old traditional buttons just works their way to amaze you? In the iOS 7 update it’s no longer visible. But what you don’t know is that it’s just hidden and you just need to activate them. Here’s how:

Settings>>> General>>> Accessibility>>> Button Shapes

3. Contrast The Way You Loike It

Hate that so-so white background every time the light turns up? Hurts the eye and gives you the headache? Oh boy, you should love this already…

You can adjust the phone’s contrast in here:

Settings>>> General>>> Accessibility>>> Increase Contrast

Okay, here are some adjustments you can do:

If you prefer higher contrast for text and background for functions such as notification and Control center, simply stick it up the Reduce Transparency option.

  • Hide/Toggle Darken Colors switch if you want to see the highlight colors on certain apps (like Photo and Game Center) darker.
  • Adjust the Reduce White Point if you wish to reduce the whiteness of the background on certain apps such as the Settings.

4. Map On Foot

Perhaps the most useful feature of your iPhone is the turn-by-turn direction when driving. But did you know that with iOS 7 you can now use the same app while on foot? Yes! Here’s how:

Simply tap the Directions icon (found in the top left corner), then…

  1. At the upper part of your screen tap the Walking icon…
  2. Type in your desired destination…
  3. And then tap Route. That’s it!

All that is left is for you walk straight ahead; Siri will prompt you when to take a turn.

And if you happen to go on vacation on a place and you don’t have a car with you, simply got to Settings>>> Maps and choose Preferred Directions>> Choose Walking as your preferred direction. Saves you the time right?

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