Advocacy: Presentation Tools

Presentation tools consist of both hardware and software. With increasing exposure to multimedia presentations, there will come a day when jurors and judges will expect the multimedia experience. If you have not already started to use multimedia presentations, chances are you have run into a lawyer who

does, perhaps on the opposite side of a trial. When you decide to jump into the pool, you may need hardware and you will need software to support your creation of multimedia presentations. Be more efficient. With digital projectors, ideas are delivered more effectively. By simply connecting a projector to a computer, you get instant access to electronic information like websites and network files. Better yet, meetings don’t get slowed down by clunky slides or overheads — and you don’t have stacks of handouts to prepare. With digital projection, everything you

need is as close as your keyboard. Work together in real time. By projecting data from your laptop onto a screen, meetings can be used as real-time editing and revision sessions; simply make changes and project them on screen before

participants’ eyes. Meeting participants can even create documents together in a working session. Be more professional.

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