Thesis discussion

A thesis is the final project of a graduate student. You must be at least 10,000 words in most academic disciplines, and more significantly if the thesis is a doctoral level. The discussion section is the last chapter of the thesis. In this case, the ramifications of the results of academic research and study are discussed and notes the trends in the results. A chapter of a good discussion should therefore draw conclusions from the results and open new avenues for research.

• Place Chapter Discussion properly. It is the last chapter of your thesis, must go before the Results section and precede the References section.
• 2
Discuss the results compared with previous research. You’ll have the detailed investigation on the literature review section, here it is only necessary to discuss the results corroborate or challenge existing perspectives.
• 3
Focus on the anomalies in the results. Ask why these anomalies occurred?, If the design of the experiment is to blame or if anomalies warrant further investigation.
• 4
Contextualises the results within a social framework. Broadens the discussion by stating what the impact and relevance of your results will have on society and in your particular academic discipline.
• 5
Draw conclusions from your findings. Note unexpected trends or patterns that have appeared in the results. Proposes directions for research, other researchers might want to follow.

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