The evolution of the casino trade

With the digital age well and truly upon us, there have been many advancements in recent years for a number of industries across the globe. While some have suffered, others have prospered, and some have come leaps and bounds in to something altogether completely different from the industry we once knew.

No one knows this better than the casino industry, which is now moving away from its brick and mortar standard and “going online.” But just how far are these changes going? Here are just a few ways that the casino industry has advanced.

Live dealers

One of the biggest arguments for hardcore land-based casino fans not to enter into the world of online is the simple assumption that playing online does not provide the same “casino experience.” For example, some may feel that the personal element is largely absent from going online – however, this is a thing of the past thanks to live dealers. Faster broadband speeds mean that players can actually play with real dealers via a video connection, 24 hours a day.

Payment methods

With all this online gaming, suffice to say there is a necessity for advanced payment methods to make sure that players’ funds are kept secure. On many sites, such as Uptown Aces, for example, there are a number of deposit options which can keep customers’ security concerns at bay. As we move into even further technical advances however, we could negate the need for real cash, particularly as Bitcoins come into prominence.

Poker bots

It’s one thing to play poker against a human, whose techniques can be read by bluffing and facial expressions, but poker bots are a different kettle of fish altogether. In January 2015, Science Magazine published an article on how the “heads up limit” of Texas Hold ‘Em poker had been solved with the help of a robot, in a move which could potentially change the face of poker.

Mobile gaming

This is one that’s been coming our way for almost a decade, but with the rise of smartphones, more and more of us are turning to online casinos for our thrills. Indeed, while games like Flappy Bird, Farmville and other iOS favourites were dominating smartphones in the early days, now it seems the online casino trade has cottoned onto this and is optimising its sites to allow people to play wherever and whenever they like.


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